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Developing a Strategy to Achieve Your Business Goals

Running your business requires a lot of your time and energy, and a growing company becomes more complex, not less. Harris and Davis can help simplify your financial planning needs so you can focus on reaching your operational goals and develop a comprehensive approach to your business and personal life.

Risk Management

Business risk management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks that can impact a company's operations, finances, and overall performance. The risk discipline considers various risks, such as financial, operational, strategic, and external factors like market changes.

Succession Planning

Business succession planning helps your company prepare for the transition of leadership and ownership from one generation or group of individuals to another. The process involves identifying and grooming potential successors, whether they are family members, key employees, or others, to take over when you retire.

Endgame & Transition Strategies

You have worked hard to grow your business, and now you are looking toward a new phase in your personal life and changes for the company as well. Creating an effective endgame plan for a seamless transition will help protect your company's value, support its ongoing objectives, and maintain stability for the employees.

Retirement Planning Consultations

Offering your employees a qualified retirement plan is a great way to reward the people who have contributed to the company's growth and success, and also helps to attract talented team members. Small and large companies have plenty of choices in structuring a retirement program for their workforce, but it's essential that you have informed guidance to design and administer an effective and compliant plan.

Calculate Your Freedom Point

Determine your freedom milestone: Identify the point at which you can step away from your business commitments without regret.

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