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Akil Davis, ChFC®, CEPA®

Akil Davis, ChFC®, CEPA®

Financial Advisor

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Hi there, I'm Akil Davis, a proud partner at Harris and Davis Financial Advisors. My journey into the world of financial advising is deeply rooted in my life experiences. Growing up in a single-parent household with limited resources taught me the value of hard work and resourcefulness.

At 21, I faced a life-altering moment when my mother passed away without any life insurance. The impact of this event underscored for me the critical importance of financial planning. Life's setbacks and hardships have been my greatest teachers, compelling me to dedicate myself to helping others pursue financial security and informed decision-making.

I've learned firsthand that life can change unexpectedly, and I've made it my mission to assist clients in anticipating, recognizing, and navigating unforeseen risks that could disrupt their plans for a comfortable retirement and a secure future.

As part of the Harris and Davis Financial Advisors team, we thoroughly explore all aspects of our clients' financial lives, offering personalized services ranging from retirement planning to risk management and state and tax planning. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to listen, educate, and create customized plans that empower our clients, instilling confidence in their financial futures.

We look forward to working with you!

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